Corey is undertaking his apprenticeship at Xtreme Fabworx under the demanding eye of Cain Balzer. In his application for the Scholarship Corey said “I have grown up around all styles of builds from trucks, to restorations, to tough street cars, big powered cars, drag cars and show cars. My love for all of this and my interest in this industry started when I was young, watching my Dad and other family members and friends build their own cars, seeing all of their personalities and tastes be expressed into each car they built. That’s a reason I love what I do, because I can be unique and express my personal style in each car I build. I have a passion for fabricating cars because I enjoy being able to work on something new everyday, to think outside the box and be innovative in my designs. I also love the challenges that occur when it comes to building each car, particularly adjusting to customer’s requirements, which sometimes make you think 3 steps ahead! In saying all that, my preference is the Pro Touring style cars because of the way they are built: to be a reliable, drivable car. I see no use in building any vehicle, whether it’s a ground-up build or just a restoration, if the car isn’t going to drive smooth or be reliable. I also enjoy this because it is absolutely limitless when it comes to how much you can customise a vehicle.”