Shaun is a custom component designer and fabricator from concept to 3D CAD models to CNC and laser cutting and most recently to 3D printing – then putting the pieces together in some impressive builds.  All this while being an intensive care nurse in a cardiac unit, married with two children and the drive to undertake courses in 3D Design at RMIT University (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology).

Shaun’s interest and love of fabrication originate from spending time with his dad as a kid. Growing up with VWs and a garage full of old machinery and learning to weld, fabricate and design by watching and helping him work.

As he got older his interest moved towards minitrucks, that’s where his passion for fabrication and design really developed. He loves having the ability to be able to build a variety of suspension setups for chassis from the simple to the sophisticated. He sees himself having the ability to be part of the design process of full chassis, suspension components and builds to re designing. Whether it be for a mini truck, home or shop build, hotrods or full one-off chassis builds.

His past builds include a body dropped1997 Hilux and full build on a Chevy C20.  His current project is a radical, roadster inspired scratch build of a CJ Jeep that will certainly be a reflection of this “one of a kind” person.

CJ Jeep – in progress

Getting it right on the screen.

Shaun, probably because of his “day job” as a nurse, is a great communicator.  He looks forward to continuing his education and working with others to learn and share his skills and experience.