Tom started building a minitruck before he had his driving licence.  His hobby of building minitrucks continued while he completed a Certificate III in Carpentry/Joinery.  Then in 2013 he joined Weld Logic Fabrication as an apprentice and enrolled in a Certificate III in Engineering specialising in metal fabrication.

Tom has built, and been involved in building, a number of minitrucks and is very active in the Sinister Minitrucks and Custom Car Club.  While admiring Laurie’s shorty LS1 powered black Rodeo and chopper at Summernats 21 he had a chat with Laurie and, as Tom said “I decided then that I want to build cars like that”.  They also met at East Coast Cruises over the following years.  According to the referees for his Scholarship Application Tom is the “go to person in Tassie” when folks are having problems with their builds, his advice and some hands on work gets them underway again.

We wished Tom well with his career and were looking forward to seeing what he came up with for presentation at Summernats 29 in January 2016 and here it is:

A place of honour at the Valvoline Street Machine VIP Dinner and Awards 1st January 2016.

IMG_7087_crop IMG_7082 IMG_7095_1 IMG_7097

On the road .. from Hobart to Summernats


In the build ..


Tom built the intake as a special “feature” honouring the work that Laurie and the Chop Shop did on the original design for Henry Parry’s Summernats (2014) Grand Champion FB Holden

image1 image2 image3


Thank you Tom for your fantastic efforts in setting the benchmark for Scholarship Award Winners in the future!